• Cooperation and Communication

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Municipal Projects

Jiangyin Huada's products are widely used in various municipal projects such as urban drinking water supply, new town construction, urban ecosystem maintenance, and domestic water supply. Relying on excellent product quality and reliable after-sales guarantee, Jiangyin Huada is the supplier of many domestic and foreign government projects, such as: Danyang City Urban Sewage Treatment System Project, Jin'an District Rural Drinking Water Safety Consolidation and Improvement Project, Tongxiang City Water Treatment Project, etc.


Oversea Supply

Jiangyin Huada owns a high-professional foreign trade team, who have professional expertise in pipeline engineering, chemical products, logistics management, network operation, etc., and have the competence to propose professional solutions or deal with any emergencies with high-quality pre-sales, sales, after-sales services. Our products appear in more and more foreign projects and industries, such as the nuclear power plant construction project in Bangladesh, farm irrigation projects in South America, seawater treatment projects in Maldives, chemical fiber textiles industry in Malaysia, etc.


Communication and Learning

Jiangyin Huada always maintains a learning mentality and action, because we believe that the demands of customers and the market situation are changing all the time. As one of the key members of the local chamber of commerce, we hold symposiums with other members to exchange experiences. As a supplier, we attended various industry exhibitions to understand the latest market demands. As a learner, we continuously send employees to participate in training camps, field trips, study tours and other organized activities held by the government, industrial organizations or large enterprises to gain more management experience.