• Environment Sustainability

In recent years, global climate change issues such as greenhouse gases, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels have attracted widespread attention. Since the issue of the Paris Agreement in 2015, more and more countries and enterprises have joined the ranks of energy conservation and emission reduction. Jiangyin Huada has a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. We adhere to sustainable development strategies and actively participate in various green environmental protection activities. Although our influence is limited, we still want to do something to alleviate the global climate problem.

Green Supply Chain

Reduce carbon emissions throughout the supply chain.

Raw Material Procurement

We have professional supply chain managers, who can plan raw material consumption reasonably and make efficient purchasing plans. By improving procurement efficiency and reducing procurement frequency, the goal of reducing carbon emissions in the process of raw material procurement could be achieved.

Green Production and Products

Jiangyin Huada keeps working hard to reduce the negative impact of the entire production process on the environment. At present, both production bases have reached the local sewage standard and obtained the production hygiene licenses. We insist on environmental sustainability throughout all production activities, and the HDPE pipes and fittings produced by Jiangyin Huada have been selected as ‘Green Environmental Production Products in China’ by China Certification Oversight Committee.

Warehousing and other infrastructures

Jiangyin Huada has two large production bases and each of them have independent production plants, quality inspection centers, warehouses, distribution centers and other infrastructures. This not only maximizes resource utilization, but also reduces extra transportation and energy consumption of intermediate products.


Jiangyin Huada is equipped with professional supply chain and logistics management employees. With the help of information technology systems and cooperation with a number of professional third-party logistics (3PLs), we have ability to provide customers with optimized and efficient product distribution solutions.


Reusable Packaging

Reduce the negative impact on the environment

We hope that we can reduce the negative impact of packaging on the environment as much as possible while protecting the product. Currently, we use woven bags and cartons to pack our products, which can be reused many times and are recyclable in most countries. We call on more and more consumers to join in environmental protection.