• Social Sustainability

The relationship between employees and the enterprise can be regarded as the long-term partnership. The enterprise provides employees with a platform for their personal development, and employees create value for the enterprise. Jiangyin Huada puts the safety and health of employees first, and also provides them with personal career development opportunities at the same time. Meanwhile, community relations can deeply affect the working environment and public image of enterprises. Therefore, Jiangyin Huada has been making great efforts in caring for employees and giving back to the community on the basis of attaching importance to customer service.

Employee Care

Improve employees’ happiness and sense of belonging

Employee Safety and Health

Employees without work experience are provided with professional mentors for skills training and safety guidance.

We regularly organize physical examinations to ensure the health of employees.

We pay social insurance for each employee on time to provide strong security for their work.

 During the epidemic, we regularly disinfect the workplace and alcohol, masks and other protective equipment to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

Employee Self Improvement

Jiangyin Huada provides employees to attend training camps, visiting and studying activities in the headquarters of listed companies.

As a member of the local chamber of commerce, we have access to a variety of lectures and online courses for our employees.


Jiangyin Huada is keen to create a free, open, fair and inclusive competitive environment.

Here, there is no gender, age, education, country, race and other discrimination.

We prefer diversified teams, which have better compatibility, integrity and innovation.

We often organize team travels, dinners, afternoon tea and other extracurricular activities.


Feedback to Communities

Develop good community relations

Jiangyin Huada bears its due responsibilities as an enterprise all the time. We appreciate what we have now and never stop giving back to society. We have constantly taken part in the construction and maintenance of local temples, caring for the local elderly, organizing public performances, providing assistance to local poor families, donating money and delivering food to disaster areas and other charitable activities.


Obedience to government policy

Obey the laws and regulations

Laws and regulations are the bottom line of all the operation and production activities. We actively cooperate with the implementation of policies, operate in good faith, pay taxes in accordance with the law, abide by the spirit of the contract, strictly obey laws and regulations, fulfill the legal obligations of operators, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.