Full sizes HDPE 45 degree elbow for drinking water supply

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45-degree elbow is used to connect pipes of the same pressure or different pressures to change the direction of water flow. The HDPE 45 elbows we produce are divided into two series, socket fusion and butt fusion. The regular size of the 45 elbow is between 20mm-630mm, but of course, we also provide customization service for special specifications. In order to adapt to various geographical locations and climate changes, our products are made of 100% HDPE new material and can better realize advantages of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and other practical functions. Heat-fusion pipe fittings are usually connected to HDPE pipe by welding technique. For safety, we suggest consumers to purchase and install under the guidance of professional engineers.

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Basic information

Name: 45 Degree Elbow

Material: HDPE PE100 (100% virgin material)

Pressure level: PN10 SDR17, PN12.5 SDR13.6, PN16 SDR11

Jointing: Welding

Color:Black, Blue, etc. (Support color customization)

Standards: ISO4427, EN 12201, EN 1555, GB/T 13663.3

Brand: New Golden Ocean

Origin: Jiangsu, China

Product Details

Oxidation induction time (210℃): ≥20 min

Chroma: <5 degree

Turbidity: ≤0.22 NTU

Odor reading: No odor

Visibility to the naked eye: No visible objects

pH: Around 7.9

Total dissolved solids: 201 mg/L

Oxygen consumption: Around 0.6 mg/L

Total organic carbon: 0.25 mg/L

Socket Fusion--45 degree Elbow  product01
Size Pressure Level
DN 20 PN16   SDR11
DN 25 PN16   SDR11
DN 32 PN16   SDR11
DN 40 PN16   SDR11
DN 50 PN16   SDR11
DN 63 PN16   SDR11
DN 75 PN16   SDR11
DN 90 PN16   SDR11
DN 110 PN16   SDR11


Butt Fusion-- 45 degree elbow of PN12.5 SDR13.6/PN10 SDR17  product02
Size Pressure Level
DN 63 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 75 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 90 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 110 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 125 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 140 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 160 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 180 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 200 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 225 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 250 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 280 PN12.5 SDR13.6
DN 315 PN12.5 SDR13.6
PN10 SDR17
DN 355 PN10 SDR17
DN 400 PN10 SDR17
DN 450 PN10 SDR17
DN 500 PN10 SDR17
DN 560 PN10 SDR17
DN 630 PN10 SDR17
DN 710 PN10 SDR17
DN 800 PN10 SDR17
DN 900 PN10 SDR17
DN 1000 PN10 SDR17
DN 1200 PN10 SDR17


Butt Fusion--45 degree Elbow of PN16 SDR11  product03
Size Pressure Level
DN 63 PN16  SDR11
DN 75 PN16  SDR11
DN 90 PN16  SDR11
DN 110 PN16  SDR11
DN 125 PN16  SDR11
DN 160 PN16  SDR11
DN180 PN16  SDR11
DN 200 PN16  SDR11
DN 225 PN16  SDR11
DN 250 PN16  SDR11
DN 280 PN16  SDR11
DN 315 PN16  SDR11
DN 355 PN16  SDR11
DN 400 PN16  SDR11
DN 450 PN16  SDR11
DN 500 PN16  SDR11
DN 560 PN16  SDR11
DN 600 PN16  SDR11


1.Drinking water for daily life

2.Irrigation water for agriculture

3.Water supply for fire demand

4.Sewage disposal

Packing and transportation

Inco-terms: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF

Packing: Standard export wooden case, Carton, or as your request

Staring Port: Port of Shanghai or as your request

Lead time: 15-30 days after confirming the order

Transportation method: Sea, Railway, Air, Express delivery, etc.

Main export market

Asia: Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives

Africa: Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Kenya, Madagascar

Europe: United Kingdom, Russia, Spain

America: United States, Mexico, Venezuela

Payment terms

1. 100% T/T

2. 30% in advance, 70% before shipment.

3. 30% (deposit) T/T, 70% irrevocable L/C.

4. L/C

Product advantages

HDPE pipe and pipe fitting have good flexibility and impact resistance. That’s the reason why they can be suitable for many different types of complex terrain and extreme weather.

The unique connection technology ensures the safety and reliability of the interface, whose strength can even be higher than the pipe, leading to a closed water supply or drainage system inside the pipeline.

The pipes and pipe fittings produced by Jiangyin Huada do not contain heavy metal additives, do not scale and do not breed bacteria, complying with the health and safety regulations of many countries and international organizations.

Jiangyin Huada is able to provide customers with a wide choice of pipe fittings to match pipes, which is relatively complete in types and sizes, providing customers with a one-stop purchasing experience.

Jiangyin Huada supports color customization, size customization, OEM, ODM and other additional services with the aim of striving to provide the best service and meet customer procurement expectations.

Jiangyin Huada’s products own several ISO and CE certifications. In addition, each type of HDPE pipe and fittings are equipped with a separate quality inspection report or certification from a third-party inspection agency.

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