Corrosion related knowledge of PE pipe

PE pipes are widely used in our lives and play a certain role. In order to better use and maintain this product, it is very necessary to understand the relevant knowledge of PE pipe corrosion.
Chemical attack: The chemical attack of the PE pipe is caused by the direct attack of the pure chemical action between the metal appearance and the non-electrolyte. That is, after the metal is in direct contact with the medium, the ablation process of metal ions occurs uniformly on the metal surface, and the ablation speed is relatively slow.
Electrochemical corrosion: The damage caused by the electrochemical corrosion of the metal surface and the electrochemical action of the ionic conductive medium of the PE pipe is that the metal electrolysis process occurs in the primary battery composed of metal and electrolyte. Anywhere, the corrosion response according to the electrochemical mechanism consists of at least one anodic response and one cathodic response linked by the flow of electrons through the metal and the flow of ions in the medium.
Bacterial Erosion: The mechanism of bacterial erosion of steel is complex, but in some soils, three types of bacteria are involved in the erosion process: sulfate-reducing bacteria, sulfur-oxidizing bacteria, and iron bacteria.
PE pipe is a polyethylene plastic pipe product, the reason why people choose this pipe is its high performance and matching price. The laying of PE pipes is simple and quick, with relatively low damage and maintenance costs. As long as the joint is good, it can withstand axial loads without leakage.
As a result, anchor points and piers at joints and bends are not required for laying, reducing costs. Polyethylene (PE) material is widely used in the field of water supply pipe manufacturing due to its high strength, corrosion resistance and non-toxicity. It will not rust and is an ideal product to replace ordinary iron water supply pipes.
At the same time, due to its light weight, good toughness, good impact resistance, relatively cheap price and good low temperature resistance, PE pipes are currently widely used in municipal construction, real estate, and factories. PE pipe fittings are ecological and environmentally friendly, and no toxic additives are added during the production process. The structure of the inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, free of scaling and bacteria, and the production, connection and construction technologies are mature. According to its physical and mechanical properties, it adopts hot melt connection or flange support connection, which has high toughness, reliable connection, convenient construction, high protection coefficient and low leakage rate.微信图片_20220920114041

Post time: Sep-30-2022